For more than 10 years, I've worked with all sorts of people in all sorts of industries, and now I bring that diverse experience to my work as a writer, content manager, and all-around advocate for the arts. I pride myself on developing strong relationships with my clients--I can find a solution to any problem you might have, and I'm likely to toss in some sassy banter while doing so.


I'm the type to almost constantly be brainstorming and working on ideas--planning and booking tours, writing funding proposals, researching out-of-the-box resources to help projects succeed. I like to use my background in communications and project management to help artists and small business owners perform their best and focus on what they want to do--make their art and contribute to their communities.

Need help looking for the right outlet for your art? Maybe you're a small organization feeling frustrated with your business development goals and you need a little help accomplishing them? Maybe you're just looking for some new branding to give your company a fresh look, and you want to make sure that you roll it out right. I can help with all of that! Just give me a buzz, and we'll talk things through.

When I'm not excitedly planning new fundraisers or organizing communications calendars, you can find me in the lovely city of Philadelphia, PA--probably stopping to pet one of the many friendly street cats that roam West Philly. I also head up the city's premiere vintage chorus girl troupe The Old City Sweethearts, and write about jazz, folk, and world music for Rock On Philly.