Breanna is a fundraising and communications consultant who brings her passion for building connections to remarkable artists and organizations alike.

With a background in communications and project management, Breanna brings an organized, creative approach to her work. She has served independent artists, arts and culture groups, youth organizations, and progressive advocacy groups by building funding strategies, strengthening voices, and improving operations.

Relationships are at the heart of her work. Whether it’s building genuine relationships with donors or helping organizations better relate to their communities, Breanna’s focus is on creating a sincere connection so that her clients can make their art and contribute to their communities.

Her specialties include: donor relations, appeal planning, crowdfunding campaigns, grant writing and reporting, and communications strategy.

Breanna is based in Philadelphia, PA, where she also heads up and dances with the city's premiere vintage chorus girl company The Old City Sweethearts.



Donor Relations

Campaign Planning and Implementation

Giving Research

Grant Writing and Reporting


Event Planning and Management

Partnership/Sponsorship Strategy


Communications Strategy

Social Media Planning

Content Creation and Management

Email Marketing

Copywriting for web and print publishing


Website setup and Design (Squarespace/Wordpress)

Social Media Integration

Content Management

eCommerce Management


Below is a sampling of projects. For those interested in a more comprehensive view, a resume is available upon request.

In 2016, I helped vocalist and bandleader Anna Cecilia manage the first album release for her band Anna Cecilia and the Big Time. I had my hands in every step of the process, from conception, to publicity, to the album's release tour in June 2016.

Helped vocalist and bandleader Cecilia Ferneborg manage the first album release for her band Anna Cecilia and the Big Time, titled Live. Helped manage every step of the process, from conception, to publicity, to the album's successful release tour in June 2016.


Worked with photographer and community organizer JJ Tiziou to manage social media content for his various social channels and projects. Successfully showcased the depth of this work through regularly-published content on the JJ Tiziou Photography and How Philly Moves social pages.


As Director of The Old City Sweethearts, Breanna manages performance and partnership opportunities, leads fundraising initiatives, and sets the tone for the company’s operations. Since 2015, she has taken the Sweethearts through nearly 90 appearances for a variety of audiences and organizations, and successfully established contributed revenue streams to support the company’s mission.


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